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How to use MyMonero

Monero is a privacy-driven cryptocurrency that permits users to make anonymous payments while keeping the same decentralized, immutable and trustless properties of Bitcoin. Monero does this through the use of Stadionring Signature technology which has earned the coin a place ter the cryptocurency world. Using Monero used to be complicated due to its command-line-only wallet.

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Price Leap, VeChain VEN, Steem, Binance Coin BNB

The total cryptocurrency market has bot on the decline for the last 90 days. Many fresh investors flooded the market towards the end of last year, due to “FOMO” and spil some investors began selling to make a profit, fright selling became the common theme thesis last few months. March wasgoed no different and the total market cap is presently ...

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FSA officialy confirmed the issuance of the Binance exchange notice, TMNews

On Friday, March 23th, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) officially announced the issuance of a warning to the Binance Exchange to require a license to proceed working te the country. Related video: Is Binance the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Trading Altcoins. Home of $WTC Recall that a day before, the relevant information wasgoed published by the information agency ...

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