NANO (XRB) Comebacks to Binance, Price Remains Depressed

Not even the news of the BitGrail relaunch and the Binance reopening for deposits managed to lift XRB.

NANO (XRB) can at least hope for a mend ter prices. While the asset boomed to phenomenal heights ter December, the months after that were riddled with a series of glitches and troubles, pushing the price downward. XRB is one of the losing assets te a green wave of the past week.

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XRB hovers around $6.83, with almost no switch ter the past days, consistently low trading volumes and a downward trend te the past days.

It remains to be seen if XRB benefits from renewed deposits on Binance, or whether a fresh wave of selling brings the asset lower. After the initial hype, XRB will have to fight and build its community overheen time, while the price stagnates. NANO is a niche asset and the addition to Binance did little for its spectacle, unlike other digital assets. Presently, only 0.34% of Binance trading belongs to XRB pairings.

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The NANO network community is still complaining that the project team is not dealing with marketing. Right now, the wallet for XRB is still ter beta testing, and most coins are kept on exchanges. It wasgoed precisely this fact that led to the BitGrail theft, since te the early days of RAI Blocks, spil the project wasgoed known, there wasgoed no other way to trade or store the asset.

NANO community members are comparing the XRB asset to other coins and to their success on exchanges. Right now, XRB is unknown te comparison to Brink (XVG), or Ripple (XRP), both projects with different, but very visible promotion strategies. For now, the NANO project only exposes information of rather active development going on, and that has a limited effect on prices.

There are still possibilities that not all RAI Blocks coins from the faucet that wasgoed open until October have bot used, spil some faucet users may be confused after the rebranding.

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However, only recently XRB wasgoed above $Ten, and the reopening of Binance may add to the hype and revive the upward trend.


  1. Man the amount of FUD te this Q1 of 2018 so damn high, if major exchange like binance get hacked, I think crypto will go down the road again like 2014

  2. binance is back , but i heard some strange news that its better to withdraw money from it to be at safe for some months, because tether can scam and you can lose some money , something like that.

  3. The crypto industry need more professional companies such spil Binance.

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