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Kyber Network, a Singapore based blockchain company has announced that the verhoging token — Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) — will be trade-able on Binance on September 26, UTC 4am.

Binance is one of the fastest growing crypto asset exchanges te the world. Founded by a team of fintech and crypto gurus — it is capable of processing more than 1.Four million orders vanaf 2nd, making it one of the fastest exchanges ter the market. The toneel concentrates on security, robustness, and execution speed — attracting enthusiasts and professional traders alike.

When asked of his view for the partnership, CEO Changpeng Zhao commented,

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wij love to see advances te the decentralized exchange space. This will help the entire industry grow. Wij believe with a strong team, the Kyber project have the potential to make significant progress ter this area.

Te total, 226 million KNC tokens has bot minted, and approximately 5–6 million tokens will be burnt after the conclusion of airdrop by the end of the week. Of the remaining KNC tokens, approximately 65% will be circulated, while the remaining 35% to be split inbetween the company, founders and advisors.

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With the listing of KNC on Binance, members ter the community will have an extra avenue to purchase or sell KNC tokens lightly. “We are glad to see big exchanges like Binance listing KNC tokens. Our users and volgers will certainly benefit from the listing since they can lightly get access to KNC tokens to support the project.” CEO of Kyber Network, Loi said. Anyone interested ter buying or selling KNC tokens on Binance should prepare their accounts and have funds ready on the toneel ahead of time.

KNC Utility

KNC tokens are required for reserves to participate ter the network and to prize parties that meteen traffic and multiply trading activities on the verhoging. Knowing the importance of partnerships to scale and improve toneel adoption ter the blockchain ecosystem, Kyber Network will collaborate with various organizations, including both software and hardware wallets, blockchain explorers, and on-chain wise contracts to ongezouten users to the toneelpodium. Spil a prize for their efforts, thesis vrouwen will be paid te KNC for every trade that they introduce to Kyber Network.

Before operating, KyberNetwork reserves need to pre-purchase and store KNC tokens. Te every trade, a petite fraction (precies numbers are TBD) of the trade volume will be paid by the reserve to KyberNetwork verhoging ter KNC. This petite toverfee represents the reserve’s payment to KyberNetwork, ter come back for the right to operate and earn profits from trading activities te KyberNetwork. The collected KNC tokens from the fees, after paying the supporting fucking partners, will be burned, i.e. taken out of circulation and cease to exist forever. Te order to determine the network fees, the conversion rate inbetween KNC and ETH will be updated frequently to the Kyber contract by KNC operators, based on the trading rates on various exchanges.

About Kyber Network

Kyber Network is a decentralized and trustless exchange that facilitates instant conversion of crypto-assets with assured liquidity. Our protocol will be key to promote liquidity of crypto-assets ter the blockchain ecosystem, and improve the perception of tokens spil a tradable asset class to the greater public.

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  1. I like binance, i guess binance are leading exchange on how they treat their costumers, plus their mobile app is amazing, user friendly and less bug, and they truly care “what” coin they listed on their exchanges. I just binance users who sated with this exchange.

  2. I suggest you never keep all your funds ter the crypto exchange since it’s not very safe since you never know what might toebijten te the future. Also, if someone hackers Binance, I do not think they will have enough funds to voorkant the losses because this exchange is also an ICO project. I always send my fund to trade for less than a week and withdraw it spil soon spil possible.

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