Jay Nagpaul – Getting Began With Algorithmic Crypto Trading

By Jay Nagpaul | 14 Jan


Te no way am I a financial advisor or an experienced ter this field. I would only recommend attempting out with petite amounts you are willing to lose for educational purposes. Along with this, much of crypto is still a wild wild westelijk, which no person or bot can predict.


For our trading bot we’ll be using Zenbot which describes itself spil a “command-line cryptocurrency trading bot using Knot.js and MongoDB”. You can view the project’s Github here. This guide assumes a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04, but many of thesis instructions can be lightly modified to work on other OS’s.


  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB

Installing Zenbot

Now we’ll clone, and setup the latest version of Zenbot spil vanaf it’s Github Repo.

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Now you’ll have to edit the config to getraind your use case. You can use nano by running nano conf.js or you can use any other instrument. Possible customization options:

Currency Pairs ( $ zenbot list-selectors )

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Running Zenbot with paper trading.

It will now download previous gegevens te order to train the strategy set for the bot. This may take awhile.

When it’s done you’ll see something like this: This chart shows the latest prices of the selector wij chose (ex. BTC-USD), along with latest deeds the bot has taken.

Manual Trading

Awesome! Wij now have a fully functional simulated crypto currency trading bot. If needed you can override the bot and by hand set limit buy or sell orders by pressing the keys B or S respectively. You can biombo thesis orders if you switch your mind by pressing C .

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If you’re looking for more advanced usage, check out the repository. If you’re looking to trade with efectivo money, proceed with utter caution and don’t leave behind about securing your server, database, and exchange account. I hope you found this article helpful and it helped you te your hodling endeavors.

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  1. Binance will increase te price, because they are waiting for another searing of their tokens and it is thesis deeds that will bring coins to a habitual look and price, and not spil others do that billions of tokens of one project are created and te the end they are not needed by anybody, this is not serious.

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