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With the hefty druppel ter coin market-cap overheen the last week, investors have largely fled from yesterday’s favored altcoins, instead seeking shelter for their gains made from last month’s explosion ter the crypto-market. Whether tethered or withdrawn, the systemic shock caused by this funk has sent the market reeling, leaving nothing but a sea-of-red (the color of coins losing value overheen a 24 hour period) for investors re-entering the market to choose from. And te the outgoing tide of Ethereum (ETH), many of our beloved picks from December will be shown to have waded naked te the warm waters of yesterday’s coin market, while the usable crypto-currencies keep their swim-trunks tied securely around their waistbands. Binance Coin (BNB), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and (POE) represent three of the most usable crypto-currencies from which a wiser investor, re-entering the market, will rightly look to choose from.

Spil the public regains confidence ter blockchain technology (and cryptocurrencies ter universal), the ever-wiser investors taking part te tomorrow’s altcoin market will likely skip the over-technical vaktaal littering whitepapers and roadmaps, and invest their hard earned fiat into technologies they can truly understand. Products that represent an advancement ter technologies that the public already has some understanding of are the ones that will succeed ter tomorrow’s coin-market. And spil public buy-in picks up steam te the coming day(s) wij will likely see a tamer and more cautious investor class, searching for the most usable and understandable products suggested on the same old blockchain we’ve all grown to love.

Coming ter at the top spot, Binance Coin (BNB) is likely the most useable coin on the market today. And the concept is ordinary. Users of the Binance exchange simply purchase the coin from the Binance trading podium, and toggle a switch found ter their account settings. This switch permits consumers to ‘use BNB for fees,’ reducing the already low cost of trading Binance is known for, te half. This lower cost of fees is taken from the store of Binance Coin (BNB) the user has purchased, rather than from a portion of the coins the user trades te and out of. It doesn’t get any lighter than that. Perhaps the best part for holders of this currency are the gains realized when a growing investor class floods the gates of this over-burdened exchange, spil witnessed overheen the past weeks. Binance (the world’s most popular altcoin exchange) had to temporarily close access to fresh registrants recently, but is open again for business with a fresh, quicker interface.

For those of you following my articles, you already know that I’m a fan of this next-most usable cryptocurrency. Basic Attention Token (BAT), like Binance Coin (BNB), is ordinary to understand, boding well for the attraction of a more timid public stepping into the market for the very first (or 2nd) time. The company has released Plucky, a web browser with powerful ad-blocking tech, useful for reading your beloved news-sites without being interrupted by those annoying pop-up advertisements.

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The token is paid to the users of the service for permitting advertisements to filterzakje into their online practice. It can also be donated by users to sites suggesting relevant content. The system prizes the users and creators of content online te an open, decentralized web-experience.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) price chart courtesy of

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Taking the number three spot (a very respectable placing) is (POE). (POE) is a crypto currency ter use by publishers and content creators to license online content. Using the blockchain, licensing of content is absolutely verifiable. This amazing concept permits publishers to cut out the time and money spent on constitucional staff, who before now verified individually each form of content available for publication. (POE) price chart courtesy of

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Te tomorrow’s crypto-market, usable tokens will be sought after by a fresh wave of public buy-in, burned by the theoretical whitepapers and roadmaps suggested by yesterdays cryptocurrencies. Whether burned by the latest withdrawals from the market, or naturally timid spil they come in the space for the very first time, the coming wave of public money coming in the crypto-market will need to be met with usable and understandable products suggested on the blockchain. Thesis usable products will be the winners te the fresh era of crypto-investments wij are about to come in. Get ready!


  1. I think binance is a big exchange there are lots of coins to trade but they are having a lotsbestemming of scale problems and reliable exchanges. And Binance may be hacked but that’s not the problem. Everything works flawlessly now and my cálculo is entire. Binance is my dearest exchange to exchange.

  2. victorianelson786

    This is good news to all binance users. The pauze wasgoed causing some kleuter of puinhoop. Binance remains best!

  3. I would never leave all my funds on one exchange. I leave less than 10% on a single exchange.

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