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Wij are glad to announce fresh trading pairs LTC/EUR and LTC/CZK to be introduced this week. The deployment will require about a Ten minute system downtime on Thursday 24 th May 10pm CET. Wij apologize ter advance for any inconvenience the unavailability may cause you.

Wij have become one of the very first crypto exchanges to deploy dynamic bitcoin withdrawal fees, providing you the option to choose inbetween a swift and economical bitcoin toverfee.

Bitcoin fees are now updated several times a day based on the bitcoin network situation. High priority withdrawals are processed within a few minutes and confirmed spil soon spil possible. Economical withdrawals are processed ter hourly batches and targeted to be confirmed within Trio blocks. You can also choose inbetween the Two bitcoin withdrawal types when using our API.

Wij are expanding our team with extra developers spil wij project to onboard fresh cryptocurrencies (Dash, Ethereum and Ripple). Wij are also very close to introducing a fresh competitive trading toverfee proefje. Stay tuned.

Dear coinmate users,

Please be informed that during Christmas Holidays (23rd December until 2nd January) our Customer Support will be very limited.

Please do not voeling our Support or write emails during thesis days unless it is absolutely necessary. Response to issues may take up to 7 days and Común support enquiries will be overlooked. Movie verification will remain active te a limited mode but reviewal of handelsbank account statements and questionnaires will be postponed until 2nd January.

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Deposits, withdrawals and trading

Single Deposits that do not getraind your current 24-hour account limit will remain pending until 2nd January. Bankgebouw Deposits within your current account thresholds will be processed automatically and Bankgebouw Withdrawals within your current account thresholds will be processed on business days. Also, please be noted that it is possible to Deposit and Withdraw ONLY USING YOUR VERIFIED Handelsbank ACCOUNTS. Faulty deposits (i.e. from accounts of other persons or specie deposits) will be returned after 2nd January and will be subject to a Ten EUR processing toverfee. Kwestie with Bitcoin processing has bot immobile and Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals are now are being processed flawlessly. All trading will remain active and uninterrupted during the Holidays.

Wij apologize for such brief notice but the enormous growth te fresh registrations, associated administration, overcharged bitcoin network with rising unconfirmed bitcoin transactions and bitcoin network fees te the past 30 days has bot terrific on our staff. Thank you for understanding.

Wij wish you Merry Christmas and a Glad Fresh year.

Dear conmate users,

be informed there will be a planned maintenance tonight 11th December commencing 10pm CET, during which the webstek will be offline. Planned downtime is approx. 30min.

Wij are introducing Segwit addresses and switches to bitcoin processing spil a very first step te our efforts to decrease the bitcoin transaction fees. After the deployment tonight, the “Generate fresh address” button te the Bitcoin Deposit form will provide a fresh bitcoin deposit address embarking with Three (opposed to the old address format beginning with 1). Wij recommend all users to start using this fresh bitcoin deposit address type for bitcoin deposits spil soon spil possible. The old bitcoin deposit addresses will remain valid for another week, after which they will be deactivated. The automated trading API call “bitcoinDepositAddresses” will require generating the fresh address te the 1-week transition period.

Bitcoin transactions using the fresh Segwit 3-type addresses take less space te bitcoin blocks and thus contribute to efficiency and lower transaction fees. Wij are also switching to a more efficient bitcoin transaction processing proefje. Te our further efforts to decrease the bitcoin transaction fees wij project to introduce a low-priority bitcoin withdrawal toverfee te addition to the high-priority toverfee (planned for January).

Fresh trading pair Bitcoin Contant / Bitcoin will be added. Bitcoin Metselspecie is a hard fork of Bitcoin, the fork occurred on 1st August . Users that held any bitcoin comprobación te their CoinMate account on 1st August , will be credited the same amount of Bitcoin Metselspecie tonight.

Bug fixes, puny switches and system optimization. There are several bug fixes and some puny switches te this version including system and database optimizations to cater for enlargened traffic.

Thank you for choosing

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Dear Clients, wij will be upgrading our portal to higher database instances. Our webstek wil fall under maintenance service on 15.11. (22:00 – 23:00 CET).

Wij genuine apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Your team.

Wij are presently 14.11. 9:00 CET, experiencing technical difficulties on our backend and are working to resolve the kwestie.

Wij will endeavour to restore operations spil soon spil possible.

on or about 16 th of November , approximately 90 days after segwit activation, bitcoin network will split into Two independent branches: Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Segwit2x (this will toebijten when block 494784 is mined). Segwit2x aims at enlargening the current 1MB bitcoin block size to 2MB. Bitcoin Core will keep 1MB blocks.

Here is a geschreven summary of the history leading to this occasion.

Satoshi Nakamoto released very first bitcoin software te 2009 and there wasgoed no block size limit for Bitcoin, except that implied by the 32MB message size limit. Zometeen at the end of 2010, Satoshi determined to switch the limit to 1MB, which wasgoed slew enough at that time. The reason for such constraint wasgoed fear of network congestion that could be caused by spam attacks (it wasgoed possible to broadcast transactions containing no toverfee).

Since then bitcoin enlargened ter popularity and transaction thresholds commenced to succesnummer the constraint set back te 2010. Majority of the bitcoin infrastructure today relies on the referential software client Bitcoin Core (presently indicating about 64% of all bitcoin knots). And a part of the bitcoin community is raising concerns that there is no instantaneous solution to the now onveranderlijk congestion of the bitcoin network.

Even however the bitcoin network operates at 100% of its capacity since January , the Core developers are not te confianza of the block size increase claiming that Bitcoin’s overeenstemming rules should only be switched sparingly and with broad agreement from the entire community.

This opinion is at odds with the Segwit2x initiative. On 25 th May 58 companies from 22 countries, (signifying 83,28% of hashing power) agreed to upgrade the bitcoin protocol to so called Segwit2x, which te effect should increase the block size to 2MB causing a so called hard-fork.

Wij at CoinMate will treatment this situation responsibly and wij will suggest our clients the chance of choice. On the day of the split wij will make a bitcoin movimiento snapshot and wij will credit all clients possessing bitcoin the same comprobación also ter the other network. There is no act necessary on your side. Your bitcoins will be securely stored and access to bitcoin balanceo on both networks will be granted after the split spil soon spil it is safe.

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Our planned proces will be spil goes after:

  • All bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be disabled 24hrs prior to the split
  • All trading will be intercepted approx. 1 hour prior to the split
  • Individual bitcoin account balances snapshot will be made
  • Trading will be restarted, the legacy chain will remain to be called BTC, the fresh chain B2X
  • You will be credited B2X vaivén and deposits and withdrawals will be enabled merienda it is safe to do so.


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