Changelly Announces Fresh Partnership with Binance, The Daily Hodl

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Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange service inbetween digital currencies with 100+ coins and tokens listed, has partnered with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The fresh partnership permits Changelly to supply more trading pairs with quicker transaction speeds and better rates for its users.

Proud to announce @Changelly_team partnership with @binance. It’s bringing our instant exchange service to the next level with fresh trading pairs, better rates and swifter transactions! Wasgoed a pleasure to make agreement with @cz_binance te Malta. @gladkos

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, inked the overeenkomst with Konstantin Gladych, CEO of Changelly, te the Mediterranean island country of Malta.

“After meeting Konstantin ter person to finalize our partnership, I am certain that Changelly has a professional team with good practice and even fatter potential. Wij believe that together wij will provide users all overheen the world with a top-class level of service,” said Zhao.

Prague-based Changelly will act spil a user-friendly broker inbetween Binance and Changelly’s customers who want to exchange cryptocurrency ter a meteen and ordinary way. It will integrate Binance’s API and cryptocurrency rates, suggesting better prices and quicker exchanges to customers ter verdadero time. Changelly’s own instant exchange API is already available to several fucking partners such spil Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Breadwallet, Coinomi, Mycelium and Coinpayments.

The Changelly partnership aligns with Binance’s purpose of creating more functionality ter the crypto markets. Ease of use inbetween the two platforms can increase transaction volumes, attract fresh customers to both exchanges and add liquidity.

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The largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance processes an estimated $1.Five billion te daily volume at a rate of 1.Four million transactions vanaf 2nd. The company is relocating to Malta te the aftermath of China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. They have alluded to working on plans to attempt to integrate crypto-to-fiat trading pairs, with no set date on when such plans may be implemented.

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  1. Gigi_Lee_Foster

    Yes its back. Its truly funny when Macafee fudding that the exchange got hacked and Binance replying that it did not get hacked. LOL

  2. I’m very glad that Binance is working again. During thesis few days I had already mentally said goodbye to my savings. But thank Heerser everything ended well and i can proceed to work calmly.

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