Binance Exchange Coin BNB Soars Due to Crypto Market Volatility, СryptoСomes

Overheen the last 24 hours, BNB has shown a Five.39 procent increase and is now trading at $16.88, according to That is the maximum the coin has reached since February this year.

Besides, BNB seems to attract potential investors, since this coin, spil it emerges, can hold liquidity ter the market, getting almost one mln dollars trading volume within 24 hours. Also, so far this is the only coin on the top 20 list that has shown such a swift upward movement te this brief time period.


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  • BNB compared to other cryptos

    The coin has exceeded the Five.03 procent rise of BTC and ETH’s Four.89 procent increase.

    If the coin keeps moving at this tempo, it may well reach the $17 mark within a few more hours.

    What caused this upward leap

    Even however no platforms but Binance trades BNB and this big rise could be the result of the overall market volatility, there is one more reason for the soaring of this token.

    BNB is the only coin that is traded against BTC, USDT and ETH and brings more than a million US dollars within 24 hours.

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This morning, one of the fattest South Korean crypto exchanges suffered an attack after which $30 bln worth of crypto wasgoed lost. According to the exchange’s announcements ter the country, mainly Ripple (XRP) wasgoed stolen.

The top coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and some others, that a duo of days ago gained slight momentum, have seen the corrective rallies overheen and lost about one procent te the last several hours.

Several altcoins kept on with their downtrend contra BTC and the USD, depressed by the Bithumb attack and thus making the negative sentiment te the Korean market even worse.

Compared to the Korean exchange Coinrail that has bot hacked recently, Bithumb has got off lightly. It wasgoed fortunate to store most of its assets te a cold wallet, so the attackers managed to steal just a little, even however the amount of $30 mln does seem yam-sized.


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  • Attempting to get rid of the lotsbestemming

    Some crypto bloggers have noticed a massive sale of XRP tokens on Binance today. Shortly aftewards a big number of Litecoin wasgoed bought. They bravely assumed that this could have bot the hacker attempting to get rid of some stolen coins. He either lost patience or just made a mistake because he or she wasgoed afraid that the Binance team might have tracked his XRP deposit.

    They even concluded that the Binance team may soon have the name of the Bithumb attacker since the exchange has implemented the KYC (know your customer) system.

    Overall outcome

    Bithumb has bot attacked three times within a year. The latest hack has shaken the South Korean crypto market spil the consequences of the police raid on the Upbit exchange had only embarked to wear off for circunscrito investors. Also, last month Bithumb listed the Popcorn Token and this led the regulators to investigate the trading toneelpodium.

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    Overall te June, Korean investors have bot facing major difficulties investing ter the locorregional crypto market, since the two exchanges were pretty unstable.

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  1. binance is back , but i heard some strange news that its better to withdraw money from it to be at safe for some months, because tether can scam and you can lose some money , something like that.

  2. I never thought binance would be hacked because it is one of a kleuter which has the most secured exchange system.

  3. Binance is a reliable exchange, I’ve never had problems with it. Gratefully it returned quickly from the momentary inactivity

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