YOYOW – The blockchain based content prizes network releases fresh version of whitepaper and listed

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Dec 02, , 00:55 ET

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SUZHOU, China , Dec. Two, /PRNewswire/ — YOYOW, A blockchain based content prizes network today released a fresh version of whitepaper, the whitepaper exposed the latest updates and switches to the YOYOW network. The company claims that YOYOW will become China’s very first public blockchain for content platforms. And now they also expand their reach to completo market by leveraging its fresh capability of enabling third-party developers, writers and bloggers to build their own branded content platforms on the top of YOYOW network.

“Wij will provide SDKs and detailed development documents for third-party developers to help them build their own customized content platforms, like blockchain version of Quora, twitter or facebook, different types of content platforms can be built on the top of YOYOW network, for independent bloggers or writers, wij will provide plug-ins to enable them to create their own branded platforms,” stated QiangLiu, the founder of YOYOW. “All thesis platforms use the same system token – YOYO token to prize content creators, curators, and consumers and the same user account system on the same blockchain, YOYOW will become the underlaying content prizes network for content platforms.”

Te the past few months, the team has ended the YOYOW blockchain, directive line wallet, desktop version of wallet, web wallet, a blockchain explorer and a beta version of WordPress plugin had bot released for evaluation. The YOYOW blockchain is up and running without any issues for almost Trio months.

Beside of releasing the fresh version of whitepaper, the ERC20 version of YOYO token has also bot listed on Bitfinex – the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. The token is now trading under the trading pair of BTC/YYW, USD/YYW and ETH/YYW.

Te the coming months, The team will release the SDK, development documents, demo sites and plug-ins. for more informatie go after us on twitter or our official webstek.

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YOYOW, named from “You Own Your Own Words”, is a blockchain-based network aiming to quantify contribution and give prizes of participants te the content producing sector with decentralized overeenstemming methods so that content producers, content investors, curators, and consumers of the content ecosystem can be provided with incentives and comes back spil suitable.

YOYOW is designed for establishing a rational content-generated income distribution mechanism and a value network based on users’ ratings on content. Any content platforms (including but not limited to websites and APPs), regardless of their themes introduced te the format of text, movie, photo, audio or live broadcast, etc., are eligible to create the corresponding content-oriented incentive platforms based on the YOYOW network. Content producers, content investors, curators and builders of the content ecosystem will be rewarded according to the YOYOW eco-environment and users’ ratings of content.

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The YOYO token is now trading on Bitfinex, Binance and Bitshares DEX.

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