PaperCut – Print management software used by 50k organizations to control and quota printing

Effortless to install, plain to use, PaperCut just works.

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Used by overheen 50,000 organizations worldwide.

Fully featured print and copy control, loved by sys admins everywhere

Straightforward and powerful, PaperCut products help you lightly manage users and printers.

Track and control usage and behavior

Securely print documents

Eliminate paper waste

The smarter way to print

PaperCut makes it effortless to manage your devices without the complexity.

Reduce print costs

Allocate printing to departments, cost-centers and users with collective accounts.

Report on usage

By user, department, device or environmental influence.

Any toneel, any device

Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments.

Cut the cost of printing

Save paper, save budget, and save the environment at the same time. You will embark to see evident ways to save and control your printing.

Any Brand, Any Verhoging

No matter what copier, wij’ve got you covered.

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Take control of your printing with PaperCut

With all the features and functions you would expect of a world-leading print management solution.


See an overview of PaperCut’s products.

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Take the Tour

All the good things that PaperCut has to opoffering.

Live Demo

Attempt the PaperCut NG online demo right now.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on PaperCut

“By implementing scripts for color saving and assigning print jobs to central accounts wij reached £50k te savings ter just thirteen months! Papercut just keeps getting better with every release.”

“With well designed interfaces and an excellent support service, wij have implemented PaperCut University-wide and have bot tracking student printing and saving on costs since 2008.”

“Wij were looking for a cost-effective product that would cut our printing and consumables costs. and here it is! PaperCut does a good job and the effortless installation and configurations makes it even more attractive.”

“Wij need to make slim decisions about our print management spil well implement a solution for accurate recharging and to raise awareness of the financial and environmental cost of printing. PaperCut ticked every opbergruimte and then some and slotted flawlessly into our network environment.”

“PaperCut is a gigantic time-saver – with effortless access straight from the desktop, it maintains all of our print management accounting for us and provides excellent print security.”


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