Here – s All You Need to Know About the Upcoming TRON And EOS Mainnets, Latest Crypto News

TRON and EOS both of which will be migrating from the ERC-20 mainnet to their own respective mainnet have the launch around the corner. The TRON mainnet launch is on May 31 while EOS meantime will be launching their mainnet on June 1.

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Presently, TRX and EOS are functioning an ERC20 tokens which means you can use your Ethereum wallet address to send and receive them. Many people choose to leave their tokens on the exchanges but a safer option is to use the blockchain directly via services such spil MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto, or a plugin such spil Metamask, or even safer a cold wallet.

However, if you need to stir your tokens from the ERC-20 system, you will need to stir them to an exchange that supports the fresh wallets.

Ter a medium postbode MyEtherWallet has explained how to do this with emphasis on knowing what exchanges will support the changeover. Binance is very recommended spil they have already announced support and it is one of the world’s largest and most reliable exchanges,

“Binance would like to confirm that wij will support the EOS MainNet Token Exchange. Wij will treat all technical requirements involved for all users holding EOS.”

The same applies for TRON. On May 25th, TRON Foundation will be launching a supuesto machine to facilitate the migration of dApps from the Ethereum network to Tron’s however this does not affect TRX holders.

You can access your Ether wallet address and blast up the other tokens stored there, by using MEW or ter this case TRX and EOS. Ter the Binance find the deposit address for TRX or EOS and use that spil the destination back ter MEW. You will need a lil’ amount of ETH to voorkant the cost of the transaction.

According to the Leegloop Movement, which recommends registering your EOS address, all ERC20 tokens will be frozen on June 1,

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“EOS Mainnet tokens are to be distributed te a 1:1 ratio to the ERC20 tokens held by registered addresses. The current ERC20 EOS tokens are simply placeholders. All tokens are said to be exchanged for Mainnet EOS tokens after the launch of the Mainnet.”

There is a further clarification extended ter the postbode which tells that EOS developer Block.One are not launching the mainnet but creating the software for block producers to create their own blockchains. This will not affect token holders however providing they have bot moved to an exchange which supports the migration. EOS is a little more complicated than Tron spil it is effectively down to developers to launch their own blockchains on the podium.

TRON is also rewarding its clients with several prizes if they migrate from ERC-20 to TRON’s mainnet.



  1. a loterijlot of bad news yesterday said that binance has bot hacked, but what I fear has bot answered. binance is back and I can access the webpagina.

  2. There still seems to be problems , i hope they can fix it soon.

  3. I never had any doubts of Binance not coming back. There wasgoed a lotsbestemming of FUD about Binance possibly being hack but that wasgoed not the kwestie. Everything is working flawless now and my arqueo is all intact. Binance is my dearest exchange to trade on.

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