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A few weeks ago, Bitgrail announced that it will be suspending all XRB withdrawals for its non-EU customers, effective instantly. According to the Florence-based exchange, this budge is te compliance with the latest KYC-policies, which has bot rather stringent lately. NANO, which wasgoed still known spil Raiblocks at that time, witnessed its price druppel after the announcement, going from $20.17 to $13.47.

XRB deposits and withdrawals presently suspended for internal system optimization.

Thanks for understanding.

Everzwijn since that statement wasgoed released, flaps of FUD and unease have bot spreading like wildfire across the crypto community. Rumors about a hack spil well spil speculations that the Bitgrail exchange being a scam became the go-to topic of every crypto investment forum.


Bitgrail Releases Statement Admitting To System Failure

Today, the ineludible happened. At 21:30 UTC, Feb. 9, Bitgrail released a statement on its official webstek admitting to its service failure, which led to the disappearance of 17 million NANO coins. At the current conversion rate, that accounts for a $170 million loss.

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To waterput this into perspective, 17 million NANO coins is almost 12.8% of all existing NANO coins out there. Te other words, 1 te every 8 NANO coins went missing ter the Bitgrail fiasco.

Reddit Explodes With Rage

Across the /r/nanocurrency subreddit, NANO investors were livid with fury.

“You either diegene a programmer or become a scammer,” said one user, wistfully.

The funny thing is, this phrase is exactly what one of the moderators of the Bitgrail subreddit, Francesco had te his Twitter bio. Francesco wasgoed also the one who very first released the statement about Bitgrail suspending all XRB withdrawals two weeks ago.

Edit: Francesco’s Twitter bio has since bot modified.

Binance Shows Support

A few hours after this tragedy, the CEO of Binance tweeted that they have contacted the NANO developer team regarding this incident and will be freezing deposits from identified addresses spil they receive them. This stir is to prevent any massive selloffs of the stolen digital currency on their exchange.

This scam comes just two weeks after the CoinCheck hack, where $53 million worth of NEM coins were stolen from the Japanese exchange.

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  1. I could loom te to Binance yesterday, when it wasgoed ‘down’ for maintenance. All it said wasgoed that trading wasgoed not available. But now, I can’t even get the pagina to flow. Could it be that too many people are attempting to loom on at merienda? I hope that’s the reason, and nothing more sinister than that!

  2. Good news! I expected this because I believe that the Binance has a future. It’s worth paying attention to this

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