Binance is online again, with 70% discount on trading fees “to showcase their gratitude”

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After 30+ hours of unavailability, Binance is fully functional again with a 70% discount on trading fees for the next two weeks.

The trading verhoging, which held the title of the largest cryptocurrency exchange ter the world spil of January , permitting trading for more than 190 different cryptocurrencies, with user numbers enhancing by 240,000 vanaf hour, went abruptly offline yesterday, freezing all of its transaction services after announcing allegedly technical problems resulting te slowdowns on their gegevens synch, avowing an extended 24h time-frame to resume trading activities, which were already inoperable 11 hours prior to the announcement.

Due to an unforeseen slowdown ter the speed of our gegevens sync, wij now estimate for all trading activity to resume at /02/09 4AM (UTC). Ter the 30 minutes prior to the commencement of trading, users will be able to use utilize all other account related functions.

Concerns of a hack which could compromise their users’ safety, coming from vooraanstaand names like John McAfee, were blatantly refuted by their CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who updated Binance’s twitter every two hours with progress reports and warranting they were safe from any risk.

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Not attempting to spread FUD, but I have received dozens of reports like this one. I’m just attempting to understand. Spil a security researcher, I know that potential hacks are far more effortless to solve if investigated instantly. Days straks magnifies the task by orders of manitude.

Wij will maintain communication at difficult times. Those are hot wallets, only a little % there. But it should be clear your coins are safe. Wij wish disks moved swifter. Wij will engineer around them ter the future. Your encouraging words is all wij work for.

Zhao, which wasgoed featured this week ter a Forbes List of cryptocurrencies richest, responded to McAfee telling he wasgoed, indeed, spreading fud, and that he would prove him wrong.

But you are spreading fud. Wij will prove you wrong.

Today, February 9, Binance announced on its webpagina that it had finished its system upgrades and that trading activities were to terugwedstrijd to ordinario at Ten:00 AM (UTC). They also included measures for making up for their offline time, acquainting that, for the next two weeks “to demonstrate our gratitude for your unwavering support across the upgrade process, Binance will provide all users with a 70% discount on trading fees”

Binance’s CEO, earlier today, prior to the website’s relaunch, exposed that there wasgoed indeed a DDoS attack on their cloud provider which wasgoed resolved but had some continuous effects. Excessive downtimes were attributed to a meaty database of 6 million recently registered users, which required a long syncing time.

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This isn’t the very first time something like this toebijten to a major exchange, but Zhao’s attitude to disclose every detail about what wasgoed happening to their podium with an incredible frequency and his interaction with Binance’s interested parties via twitter wasgoed very different from Kraken’s muffle when they similarly went offline last month.


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  2. Their price has held up fairly well during the crash aswell. It’s the only coin I’ve bot holding long term, literally mad how prompt their company has grown whilst being profitable from day 1.

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