Binance announcement to support EOS MainNet token exchange

Binance is the fastest and one of the leading exchanges for cryptocurrencies ter the world. Te a brief duration of Five months, it has gained the 10th position among other top volume cryptocurrency exchanges/platforms. It is utterly popular because of factors such spil numerous language support, neat user interface, and rapid processing orders. This exchange only permits trading of cryptocurrencies, and thus, it is not available for any Fiat wired deposits.

Binance officially tweeted and confirmed stating that:

“We will support the EOS MainNet Token Exchange. Wij will treat all technical requirements involved for all users holding EOS.”

Evan, a Binance user quoted:

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“I am speechless. I can’t imagine a better bounty for my upcoming bday!”

Binance announcement on their official webstek:

Binance’s official announcement

EOS.IO is a software that introduced blockchain architecture designed to permit erguido and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.

The software provides – accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across numerous CPU cores and/or clusters. Spil a result, the technology is blockchain architecture with the potential to scale millions of transactions every 2nd. It eliminates user fees and enables prompt and plain deployment of decentralized applications.

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The circulating supply of EOS is 649,239,180 with a market renta of $Trio,916,380,432.

Alasendra, a frequent Binance user quotes:

“Binance is most likely one of the best and easiest to trade your currencies. I have not faced any major issues till date. Good work team, keep going, wij have got your back.”


Binance is most likely one of the zonderling exchanges with multi-language assistance to its users. It recently upgraded many language translations.

Binance had also recently announced that it will offerande $25,000 bounty on the hechtenis of hackers involved ter the attack on March 7 th , . Binance stressed the importance of a concentrated effort to address crime and unethical behavior ter the crypto community.

Michael Shwartz, a market observer tweets a vleierij spil a support to the team:

“You are a good Company, so let us rock and roll!


  1. Good to know that they are back. I checked them last night wasgoed getting error on my mobile app. Well This is one of the reason it is not advisable to store all your token on exchanges.

  2. Ofcourse it is going to come back. they earn so much money everyday. they dont need to vanish. If they proceed to predominate more than 1 year they will earn much more than total profit of their users at the ogenblik.

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