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Updated: August 6, – Fresh URL syntax for QR codes

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Delivering mobile maps just became even lighter for Avenza Maps vendors. This is a epistel overview of how vendors can lightly create QR codes (Quick Response Codes) to help promote, sell, and supply their maps electronically.

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be lightly scanned using any modern mobile device. When scanned, the mobile device automatically launches a web browser to rechtstreeks the user to a webstek or other activity. Ter our case, the opbergmap product pagina (free or purchase) te the Avenza Schrijfmap Store.

Thesis QR codes can be strategically placed on printed maps, signage, websites, advertising and anywhere else your maps are promoted.

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This is an example of such a QR code:

When scanned on a device that has Avenza Maps installed, this code will automatically launch the Avenza Opbergmap Store listing for Avenza’s Mokum schrijfmap. From there, one can browse details about the opbergmap and instantly purchase it. Te this case, the QR code contains a special URL to which only the Avenza Maps app will react.

Create a QR Code to launch an Avenza Ordner Store product listing

Previously, two types of URL syntaxes—one each for Android and iOS—were used to create QR codes for schrijfmap downloads. This is no longer the case. With the most latest update to the Avenza Schrijfmap Store, only one URL syntax will be needed to create QR codes compatible for both Android and iOS.

The fresh URL syntax now shares the same verbinding from the Avenza Maps webpagina and will look like this: http://avenzamaps.com/maps/ (e.g. http://avenzamaps.com/maps/62190). Adding a title to the URL is optional: http://avenzamaps.com/maps// . If a title is added, any spaces ter the title should be substituted with dashes. For example, a schrijfmap listing that has a SKU number of 61290 and a title of Mokum Netherlands will yield the URL http://avenzamaps.com/maps/62190/amsterdam-netherlands. To retrieve the URL of one of your maps, go to your Avenza Schrijfmap Store vendor pagina, view one of your opbergmap listings and copy its URL.

Merienda you’ve retrieved the URL of one of your maps, simply go to one of the QR code generators recommended below:

Some sites provide an option to download the QR code ter different formats. Wij recommend saving the QR code spil a high resolution photo or SVG.

Examples of QR codes to supply maps from the Avenza Schrijfmap Store

Spil described earlier, QR codes can be used with Avenza Maps to drive a ordner purchase, but they can also be used to effect the download of any ordner within the Avenza Schrijfmap Store.

QR codes with the Avenza Ordner Store can be a very effective way to supply a free ordner, such spil those found te transit shelters, tourist offices, car rental counters, parks, and trail goes. Ter such cases, for example, a QR code can be placed on a transit opbergmap ter a bus shelter or on a signpost at a trail head, and anyone tooled with the Avenza Maps app who may be looking at that opbergmap can scan the code and instantaneously get the opbergmap delivered to their device. Here is an example of such a sign Avenza used recently at an event te San Diego, CA.

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Imagine eyeing such a sign on a hotel concierge desk, city tourist office or te an airport and how effortless it would be to quickly obtain a opbergmap for that city.

Here is an example of how the City of Stavanger, Norway has employed a QR code on their city maps placed te popular and high foot-traffic areas.

Notice the QR code te the lower right corner directing viewers to the Avenza Maps app.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area has also implemented QR codes by adding them to posters placed ter Visitor Centres and other strategic areas to permit visitors to get their arms on the park opbergmap before hitting the trails.


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