World – s Leading Crypto Exchange Binance Vrouwen With Uplive – Asia – s Premier Live Movie Toneelpodium, VentureBeat


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BINANCE, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange, which wasgoed recently ranked the top exchange ter the world by 24 hour volume, has partnered with Asia’s premier high-end live movie toneelpodium Uplive, to bring Uplive’s overheen 20 million users to the Binance podium.

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Spil part of this cooperation, Uplive will feature a special supuesto bounty created specially for Binance’s token BNB. Uplive’s users will have the chance to send this special bounty to the verhoging’s more than 60,000 broadcasters. Uplive will also opoffering its users the capability to use BNB ter addition to Gifto, Uplive’s own aparente gifting token, ter its in-app crypto wallet, when it becomes available te Q1, .

Overheen 25 million imaginario gifts are purchased on Uplive on a monthly voet. This branded aparente bounty places Binance te the company of previous successful international brand promotions on Uplive, including Mercedes Benz, Vogue Tijdschrift, and Paris Style Week.

BNB is the underlying gas powering Binance’s rapidly growing ecosystem, which passed three million users on Dec 28th.

Since launching five months ago, Binance has consistently ranked among the top-3 crypto exchanges te the world by trading volume. It recently achieved the top spot te the world on Dec 17th, with overheen US$Four billion omschrijving of cryptocurrencies traded ter 24 hours. Binance has distinguished itself with its superior exchange voorstelling, sleek and effortless to use interface, and battle-tested security. Binance is also the fastest growing crypto exchange ter the world, with overheen three million users te five months.

Earlier te December, Gifto, which stands for posible gifting protocol, launched spil the inaugural project on Launchpad, Binance’s fresh token sale curation verhoging that curates high-quality token projects for its swift growing customer almohadilla. This wasgoed the very first large scale crossover cooperation inbetween crypto and traditional mobile Internet platforms. The public sale of Gifto wasgoed ended ter a record time of just 1 minute, making it the fastest public token sale te Asia, and the fastest sale te the world since the Initial Coin Suggesting (ICO) market heated up ter September.

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“The founders of Uplive and Gifto have extensive successful startup practice. Their team has excellent execution, with world class product development and operation capabilities. Gifto is based on the proven, verdadero world market request from Uplive, and will love benefit of leap embarking from Uplive’s hefty user pulvĂ­nulo.” said He Yi, co-founder and CMO of Binance. “These are the main reasons for our cooperation, wij choose teams that act more than talk.”

Gifto wasgoed created by the Uplive team to de-centralize the successful imaginario gifting specimen from Uplive, which earned more than US$100m te . With Gifto, any content creator ter the world can create their own customized, unique aparente gifts. They can then receive thesis gifts from their ventilatoren via a plain Web listig on any content toneelpodium, including Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. No extra tech integration is needed, making the transition inbetween platforms effortless to execute.

“It is our pleasure to work with Binance te such a mutually beneficial and innovative style. Wij believe that blockchain technology can indeed benefit mass consumers around the world, and wij are honored to be have a fucking partner such spil Binance to bring thesis benefits to millions of users who previously may not understand blockchain or cryptocurrency.” said Andy Tian, co-founder and CEO of Uplive. “Binance’s world class engineering, operations, and customer care capabilities are key to their rapid ascension, and wij are honored to be able to assist.”


  1. binance is a excellent Exchange there are a lotsbestemming of coins to trade but they are having a loterijlot of scaling problems and a loterijlot of technical issues logins sms authi people could get lockout of the webstek and their funds customers services is indeed bad prewritten message that doesn,t solves the problems of the customers

  2. Binance is good but also I feel like the risks it takes (when Japan reprimanded them for operating without a license) are unwise at times and may tarnish the brand ter the medium-term. Right now, the company has released reports of obtaining a fiat license te Malta for Euro to crypto but who knows whether that will get them one step closer to a fiat to crypto license te the U.S.? I guess only time will tell. Ter the meantime, I’m betting more on companies like Huobi that are setting up numerous separate entities that are loosely affiliated with each other. Their very first one ter the U.S. is called HBUS and evidently launches zometeen this year. Their webstek is

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