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Trifid Airdrop Results

The Trifid airdrop wasgoed a resounding success!

Embarking at 15:00 GMT April 6, , the team distributed 1,366,219,124 TRIF to 8,986 unique addresses. The process took about Two.Five hours. Since then, members of the community bot redeeming their TRIF, and many have done so from non-Orion wallets using the guide wij provided. Others have bot asking for assistance via slack or email and the team is helping walk through the steps. The Neblio team has also recently released official guides on redeeming NTP1 tokens from Android/Electrum and QT/Daemon wallets. Those with Orion wallets at the snapshot witnessed the TRIF te their wallets instantly.

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Airdrop Code Release

The team has posted the the code used to perform the airdrop at this repository so that other developer teams will be able to go after our lead and distribute to the Neblio community. The timely Neblio API suite release includes extra and simplified directives that may enhance interactions with NTP1 tokens and wij encourage developers to look into those.

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Trifid Deflation and Burned Tokens

Being the very first NTP1 token widely distributed to all holders of Neblio, wij knew this would be a mix of an expected airdrop, a wake-up call, and a verrassing for the various stakeholders. Given that not all Neblio wallets support NTP1 tokens at this time and not all users updated to the latest Neblio wallets downloaded, wij expected that some amount of TRIF would be lost. Ter addition, despite numerous attempts to reach them, wij were uncertain whether the larger exchanges were ready for NTP1 token support or burn their tokens also. Wij determined it wasgoed best to get the token out to the community quicker so wij went ahead with the airdrop on April 6, certain that involved members of the community would have moved their tokens off of the exchanges and would ask the team questions spil they arose.

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Spil of 21:00 GMT April 12 the circulating supply of TRIF is 1,349,592,295 tokens. The team still plans to burn

42MM spil announced after our snapshot wasgoed taken. After that burn, the total supply is expected to be 1,306,908,912 TRIF – minus any that are burnt by others ter the meantime. That will bring the total burned TRIF to approx. 343MM (68% of which wasgoed burned by Binance, 12% by the Team, and the remaining 20% burned by smaller exchanges or individuals).

Spil outlined originally te our whitepaper, the team planned to burn the 42MM tokens by sending them to the Neblio furnace/burn address, however with the Neblio Team’s latest release of their API suite ter 8 languages wij believe that it is better to burn the tokens using the `burn_token` API to liquidate them totally spil opposed to just send them to the burn address. Searing the tokens using the API call will terugwedstrijd more accurate token results across third party contraptions without resorting to logic within code to exclude certain addresses. Wij are presently testing the token searing API calls and will announce spil soon spil wij have ended the burn.

You can use Neblio’s brand fresh Surplus API calls to get the contemporáneo supply and distribution of TRIF at any time using this listig: TRIF (however you’ll need some code to calculate statistics, such spil the one wij wrote here).

Marketing and Comms

Since the Trifid airdrop ended last Friday, you may have noticed a unexpected disappearance of the @trifidtoken Twitter account. No, wij did not – spil some doubters have hypothesized – druppel the token and run off with the collected funds. Wij did not perform an ICO and wij received no investments, so this wasgoed not even a remote possibility for the team. What actually happened wasgoed that our account wasgoed suspended indefinitely by the Twitter powers that be. Wij were not given any definitive reason for this, other than wij had somehow violated one of their exceedingly vague rules ( Our best guess is that te the excitement of the airdrop, our team and followers fired off an exceptional amount of tweets, and due to the content and volume, the account wasgoed misconstrued spil spam.

Now, wij know – spil wij hope you do – that Trifid is not spam. Wij believe that wij are bringing valuable functionality to an innovative blockchain toneelpodium. Wij also believe that social networks are an invaluable implement to reach out to the community (however unfortunate it is that they can controlling and obstinate). For thesis reasons, wij are taking another crack at Twitter under the treat @trifidteam. Wij hope you will go after us there to proceed to receive updates, and to provide your questions and terugkoppeling.

Wij are viewing this spil a valuable learning practice and wij will slightly alter the way that wij communicate going forward:

  • For announcements: An enlargened emphasis on channels of communication that wij control the content of te total – namely our blog and our email distribution. By popular request, wij have also began a TrifidTeam blog on Medium.
  • For conversations: An enhanced emphasis on channels of communication that have proven themselves more relaxed – namely Reddit and Slack.
  • To our community: Wij urge you to preserve the excitement and sense of community and joy around Trifid Token. That said, wij also urge you to do so ter a mature and contributing manner. This is because developing a meaningful unit of exchange is serious and difficult work, and the personality of the community can be lightly be reflected upon the token itself. Spil Trifid stakeholders, wij will all succeed or fail together te this.


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