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Carol Scicchitano is a chiropractor ter Westbury, Fresh York (NY) at Westbury Chiropractic Center. Dr. Scicchitano provides personalized health and wellness care for the entire family at hier state-of-the-art practice. She can effectively treat neck and back agony, sports injuries and headaches te Westbury, Fresh York (NY) using the most advanced methods and technology. Hier objective is to get patients out of ache and on with their everyday activities spil quickly and securely spil possible. For an experienced chiropractor ter Westbury, Fresh York (NY), please call Dr. Carol Scicchitano at Westbury Chiropractic Center and make an appointment today.

Dr. Carol Scicchitano

Foundation of Wellness Professionals

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Spil the leading chiropractor ter Westbury, Fresh York (NY), Dr. Carol Scicchitano is dedicated to providing the highest quality chiropractic and wellness care available. Dr. Scicchitano has extensive practice treating individuals with a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. She takes time with each patient to discuss what is bothering them and what the best treatment options would be for their unique situation. Those suffering from headaches, sports injuries, neck ache or back ache ter Westbury, Fresh York (NY) can find the help they need from Dr. Carol Scicchitano at Westbury Chiropractic Center.

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I have never bot to a better Chiropractor then Dr. Scicchitano, She has helped mij with my neck and back problems. I wasgoed te two different car accidents within almost a year of each. I knew that with hier I would be able to get back to the way I wasgoed prior to them. I wasgoed onberispelijk. I have moved out of state and I miss hier so much. besides hier being a Dr of Chiropractic I feel I had gained a friend. If you are looking to get the Wellness you so deserve please set an appointment up with hier and let hier help you.

I visit Dr Scicchitano regularly for Three years now. I never had a problem with hier. My anguish can be diminished after each visits. She pays close attention to my health and instructs mij spinal skill to juist my wrongdoings. It wasgoed very effortless to get an appointment. They have a very lithe schedule and get mij ter quickly every time. The restrooms at this provider’s office were clean and well-maintained. You could tell that they cleaned them regularly. The one thing that I indeed love about this place is their high level of customer service. Their total attention is always on mij and they never take private calls during my appointment. I’ve bot to other places that response their phone and it just drives mij crazy. They always dress so professionally here, the entire staff obviously makes an effort to look their best and maintain a very professional appearance. I didn’t feel any numbness after my visit. They always take good care of mij.

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It has bot so refreshing to overeenkomst with someone so knowledgeable and well-informed not just ter hier field but te many fields. The consultative treatment and care Carol has shown is 2nd to none. I entered the office not knowing where I wasgoed heading and wondering what could be done to relieve my agony and now I know exactly what has to be done and have a clear path to a healthier spine and overall life. Knowing that I will be getting such good care is comforting to mij and knowing that the Dr actually cares is a pleasant switch for mij.

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