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Bitcoin tracker that provides the exchange rate into different currencies right te the status folder and produces statistics for the last 24 hours

Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto coins at the ogenblik so if you frequently opt for this payment method, keeping track of the exchange rate for different currencies is certainly advisable.

Bitcoin Experienced (formerly known spil Bitcoin Informatie) is a minimalist utility that resides ter the status caf and supplies access to the exchange rates for more than ten popular currencies, while also displaying statistical gegevens from Blockchain.informatie.

Keep an eye on the Bitcoin exchange rates through the status drankbuffet

The Bitcoin Pro application comes with a minimalist vormgeving and only makes its presence known te the status drankbuffet. The menulet is able to display a single exchange rate using a currency selected by the user, but you can see all the available information merienda you activate the menukaart.

Within the app, you get to see the Bitcoin exchange rate to USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, AUD, NZD, CHF, SGD, and PLN. To recognize the currency, just look at the petite flag associated with each entry.

Bitcoin Experienced updates the information periodically without the user intervention, and you get to see the last update time te the top area of the menukaart. Keep ter mind that Bitcoin Pro does not sport any customization options.

Review Bitcoin statistics grabbed from Blockchain.informatie

Within the Bitcoin Pro, you can also see statistical information for the Bitcoin crypto coin for the last 24 hours. You get to see the number of blocks mined, the time inbetween blocks, and the number of Bitcoins mined.

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Ter addition, you can see the market price, the trade volume, the total transaction fees, the number of transactions, the total output volume, the estimated transaction volume, the total miners revenue, the % earned from transactions, the % of transaction volume, and the cost vanaf transaction.

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Last but not least, Bitcoin Pro provides the difficulty and the hash rate and lets you know when wasgoed the last time the information has bot updated.


  1. There still seems to be problems , i hope they can fix it soon.

  2. That’s good, I wouldn’t like to see Binance fighting, it’s fine exchange. Somehow I still feel better about Openbreken and Coinbase, those are my Three favorites. Bot using them for years. Kritiseren has experienced some fights lately, always showcasing errors, but I rather stand that than losing my coins to some fresh well performing exchange.

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