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This article analyzes the effect of Binance listings on a cryptocurrency’s price. During , Binance has generally bot the very first or 2nd highest overall volume cryptocurrency exchange ter the world. Such high volume can increase request for a cryptocurrency and thus increase the price of the cryptocurrency, especially on the day of the Binance listing.

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  • The promedio maximum profit potential from Binance listings is 109%.
  • The media percentage price switch from a week before Binance listing to a week after Binance listing is 32%.
  • All 15 cryptocurrencies enlargened ter value on the day of Binance listing compared to the day before Binance listing.
  • 13 of the 15 cryptocurrencies decreased ter value on the day after Binance listing. Profits are usually highest buying before Binance listing and selling on the same day of Binance listing.
  • 8 of the 15 cryptocurrencies maintained an increase te value from a week before Binance listing to a week after Binance listing. 7 of the 15 cryptocurrencies decreased te value from a week before Binance listing to a week after Binance listing. This could be attributed to overall crypto market sentiment. Cryptocurrencies generally maintained the most value overheen the two week period when Bitcoin prices were rising or stable.

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The gegevens contains fifteen cryptocurrencies listed on Binance from February to May . There are five gegevens price points for each cryptocurrency: 1 week before listing, 1 day before listing, day of listing, 1 day after listing, 1 week after listing. There are two gegevens percentage points for each cryptocurrency: Maximum % Build up (how much total profit could be made from buying low and selling high) and, Two Week % Switch (the difference te price from 1 week before listing and 1 week after listing). Each gegevens set contains a Bitcoin Two week switch percentage to help people identify the overall crypto market sentiment during the Two week period. Each gegevens price point uses the cryptocurrency daily high price.


  1. Binance is one of my favourites exchanges.. very effortless interface and there are alot of common currencies that it had united… and also my 30k usd worth ripple were stuck there .. good to see it back

  2. Binance is superb but also I feel like the risks it takes (when Japan reprimanded them for operating without a license) are unwise at times and may tarnish the brand ter the medium-term. Right now, the company has released reports of obtaining a fiat license ter Malta for Euro to crypto but who knows whether that will get them one step closer to a fiat to crypto license ter the U.S.? I guess only time will tell. Ter the meantime, I’m betting more on companies like Huobi that are setting up numerous separate entities that are loosely affiliated with each other. Their very first one ter the U.S. is called HBUS and evidently launches straks this year. Their webstek is

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