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Te the crypto world, Binance is practically a household name. Known the world overheen spil the thickest international cryptocurrency exchange on the planet, Binance has established themselves spil the go-to exchange for cryptocurrency aficionados everywhere. No matter what corner of the globe you may find yourself ter, Binance most certainly has users from where you are.

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According to an article released from Bloomberg about a week ago, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, commented on the current user saco of the exchange sharing that numbers have exploded since January watching a unprecedented increase from around Two million users to a colossal 9 million and counting. With numbers like that it’s no wonder that Binance is well ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing a toneel for the world of cryptocurrency.

With latest quarterly profits pushing the $200 million mark, Changpeng Zhao is looking to equip the Binance verhoging with the capability for its user colchoneta to convert digital currency into fiat currencies ter the near future. This feature will surely be reflected te the profits made by the company going forward and attract even more users.

The attractive attributes of Binance are already plentiful, discounts of 50% on fees for using the proprietary BNB coin, fresh coins being listed regularly, and numerous contests and giveaways make the Binance community is an arousing one to be involved ter. Binance produces a user practice that stays true to the decentralized and private philosophy that brought cryptocurrency into existence ter the very first place, mostly through their KYC process that permits users to remain entirely anonymous when trading up to Two BTC.

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The Binance toneelpodium itself is an attractive entity to behold spil well with straightforward and intuitive layouts and features that permit all skill levels to leap ter and practice what it’s like to trade cryptocurrency. Making profit is now lighter than everzwijn spil the Binance exchange and user practice becomes more polished and refined spil time goes on.

Te comparison to another large exchange Okex ,which sees most of its traffic come through Japan, the Alexa ranking of thesis two sites displays the gap inbetween thesis two exchanges showcasing Binance with a general ranking of 538 spil where Okex is ranked 6,714.

Having a CEO that is out and ter the public eye engaging with the world doesn’t hurt either. There seems to be far too many companies out there that have no face to the name, Binance is not one of those companies. Changpeng Zhao is permanently attending events, providing interviews, and retweeting articles about himself and the Binance podium.

Ter the coming years it would not be surprising to see Binance become even more of a leader spil the company looks to increase staff by 100 employees spil they recently signed a memorandum with Elástica te the Channel Islands. This is te addition to the recently released news of Binance setting up offices te Malta to aid ter the further establishment of legitimate fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions.

While Binance resumes to trail blaze their way into the history books by furthering the validity of cryptocurrency itself, there seems no better exchange to use than Binance.

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  1. Man that’s good to hear because i wasgoed FUD down here because all my funds wasgoed ter the binance wallet. I thought the exchanger has bot hacked that’s why im attempting to login on my android phone or ter laptop

  2. Everything seems ok now… I wasgoed very scary about this situation because I have latest transactions that were not sent to my wallet…. I’m checking now…

  3. I discovered the difficulties when I dreamed to access my acount on the webpagina and wasgoed incapable to do so. It’s good that they are back but I don’t think all is set yet spil I still can’t transfer funds to my account. Perhaps they are still working on the engine. Hope everything get back to habitual soon.

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