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A long-running store that provided Apple-related products and services is preparing to shut down te Fresh York City, after 29 years of operation. Founded te 1987 and predating Apple’s own retail empire by more than a decade, Tekserve has confirmed it is preparing to shutter its store and wind down its service center overheen the next two months, with around 70 people losing their jobs from the Westelijk 23rd Street store’s closure.

Normally on MacNN, wij point our readers at some of the giveaways happening overheen at MacNN Deals. Since this is the last giveaway postbode to grace the vuurlijn pagina of this webpagina, wij thought that it would be best to highlight all the ongoing giveaways at the store rather than just one, providing you a final chance to know about everything that is up for grabs and to inject if you toevluchthaven’t already, including one competition wij toevluchthaven’t had time to promote.

Schrikachtig and Olufsen has unveiled the very first wireless earphones te the company’s history, to go alongside its existing wireless headphone collection. The Beoplay H5 take the appearance of a cleanly-designed pair of in-ear earphones, with the two audio-producing sections connected by a braided cable and a klein remote section, minimizing the amount of reserve bulk that typically accompanies wireless earphones to house batteries and radiodifusión components.

Editor’s Note: spil wij count down the last days of MacNN, wij’ve bot picking some dearest stories to re-run. Wij’ve seen it all across thesis 21 years, and wij’ve pointed to some of the thickest stories wij’ve everzwijn covered, but just spil renombrado are the oddball ones. This is another of those: the phrase “detachable beeper disc digital gym shoe laptop wrist witness” won’t leave our minds anytime soon, strafgevangenis Ms. Washington-Gross’ request for $Five billion ter recompense from Apple (and not anyone else te the wearable field, it would seem). The case wasgoed dismissed about a month after it wasgoed filed, but it lives on ter our hearts.

Some of you may have a similar feeling when you find out that they have ripped down your old childhood schoolgebouw, or when you see a picture of your old flame, there are a loterijlot of blessed memories, and everything turned out okay, but what wasgoed and could have bot are a bit sad nonetheless now that they’re gone. I have bot truly touched and a bit dazed at the outpouring of well-wishes and memories from our readers, Twitter followers, FB friends, fellow Apple-centric sites, and others around the world, and like you I wish things had turned out differently, but the terugkoppeling has made a bad week better.

Every day until our closure tomorrow, wij are showcasing some of the offers available from our MacNN Deals store. For a switch, all the items today have bot chosen by Malcolm Owen, the person who usually compiles thesis deals posts, and are all things he wouldn’t mind possessing for himself or thinks are pretty cool lumps of tech. No theme today, just his private selections.

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On Wednesday, Apple released both developer and public-tester versions the fourth beta for its next current-release update for OS X and iOS, and a developer-only fourth beta for tvOS. Developers are also expecting to build up access to a 2nd beta for the major upgrades to thesis and watchOS te the near future, spil it has bot two weeks since the very first beta wasgoed released at WWDC. The latest updates — iOS 9.Trio.Three, OS X Ten.11.6, and tvOS 9.Two.Two — are focused on bug fixes, along with security and show enhancements, spil usual.

Editor’s Note: Today marks the ninth anniversary of the iPhone’s initial sale to the public. On June 29, 2007, the smartphone that effectively switched the mobile phone industry, and arguably computing spil a entire, overnight wasgoed waterput on sale te Apple Stores, tho’ with this Best Of MacNN postbode, wij’re instead looking at an earlier event, namely when it wasgoed very first unveiled onstage by Apple chief Steve Jobs during Macworld.

Apple’s latest version of its desktop OS has picked up a rebrand, bringing it into alignment with its tvOS, watchOS, and iOS lowercase stablemates. The rebrand also suggests that Apple is going to lodge into a pattern of continually evolving its desktop OS iteratively — OS X is now macOS ter perpetuity, with the internal codename now taking top billing. While it naturally picks up several fresh marquee features, the arrival of Siri on the Mac is by far the fattest news te macOS Sierra. Read on for our initial thoughts.

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While te no way permitido or cording, The Little Lasnaad Vegas Chapel has played host to an unusual ceremony where a man named Aaron Chervenak had a commitment ceremony to “marry” his iPhone. While the groom himself did not comment, chapel proprietor Michael Kelly, who has overseen similar ceremonies involving pets “getting married” or “weed weddings” where people professed their love for marijuana, said the “iPhone marriage” wasgoed intended spil a statement on society’s dependence on the devices.

Apple has come up with a way to control functions of a smartphone, via infrared light. The recently published patent for “Systems and methods for receiving infrared gegevens with a camera designed to detect pics based on visible light” (9,380,225) suggests infrared light received by a sensor could be used to transmit gegevens to the device, forcing functions to work te specific ways, or ter some applications, temporarily disabling some elements entirely.

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For fairly a while now, MacNN sometimes finds a overeenkomst that is too big or significant to go into our other overeenkomst lists, and is deserving enough to be highlighted inwards its own Big Deals postbode. Even however the clock is running out for MacNN, wij’re still going to point out the deals wij think you will love like wij always have. Like last summer, wij’ve found one of the largest photography bundles deals available, with the aptly named The Big Overeenkomst from Plaatje Promos.

Apple is helping to fund the music movies of artists and bands, spil part of its project to build up exclusives for its streaming music service. Executives from both Apple and elsewhere te the industry advised to a report the iPhone producer has helped finance musical projects, including Drake’s Hotline Bling and MIA’s Borders movies, to not only get content for its subscribers not available anywhere else, but also to make Apple Music a more attractive place to be, ter a similar vein to MTV ter the 1990’s.

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