1. Recently, not a week, a fresh theft – professional scammers have become a verdadero threat to the industry, and market participants start to understand this. I think that te the future not only Binance, but also other large stock exchanges will attempt to prevent thefts, and not only to fight their consequences. Of course, hackers, spil a rule, are distinguished by the capability to sweep digital tracks, but this does not mean that they can not be found if the same professional takes overheen. For example, the famous “elevado hackers” of the White Hat Group, are helping to find the “robbers” of the Coincheck exchange.

  2. There is no other positivo exchange for mij, tbh. The most professional and most translucent team yet. Incredible support, I lost my 2fa a while back. Emailed them at Three am. Next morning I woke up to them having reset my 2fa. I just hope it doesn’t go to their goes and they end up like bittrex or something like that. The CEO seems like he knows what’s up. They’ve pretty much bot attempting to avoid doing the mistakes the others have made. And it’s worked out exceptionally. They’re on top of the spel right now.

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