1. NicoleEscobar3

    I am glad to see the good news of Binance, and I can trade ter Binance again.

  2. Do not listen to McAfee he is a stortbad,he twitted binance wasgoed hacked but they werent it might cause another scare this McAfee doesnt know how powerful his words are,because most of his followers are blinded by the anti-virus thing but he himself should be cleaned because viruses are providing him a loterijlot of delusions.I never thought binance would be hacked because it is one of a kleuter which has the most secured exchange system.

  3. yes binance has to improve a loterijlot too Many technicals problems lately there customers services is indeed bad i also sent all my funds back to bittrex and poloniex it,s very dissapointing from binance

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