Bitcoin Daily: Binance Launches Bounty Fund

Bitcoin specie is on the stir, Coindesk reported. The cryptocurrency may soon reach the $1,200 level te the near future after reaching $938 – a four-week low – on Friday (March 9). The price of bitcoin metselspecie wasgoed at $1,057.32 at 8:28 p.m., according to Coindesk.

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Ter cryptocurrency exchange news, Binance said it will suggest a $250,000 prize for tips leading to the hechtenis of those behind a reported attack on its exchange last week, TheNextWeb reported. The company is also creating a $Ten million fund for future bounty awards.


And endowments and foundations are not crazy about cryptos yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be interested te investing ter digital currency te the future, Bloomberg reported. While 96 procent of top officers at endowments and foundations aren’t investing te cryptos and don’t project on doing so, about 20 procent of NEPC’s clients said they have begun to look at those types of assets.

Ter Austria, the country’s largest bitcoin broker thinks the cryptocurrency should be regulated ter a way similar to gold. “Regulation provides us with more legitimacy,” Bitpanda co-CEO Eric Demuth told Bloomberg. “We’ve wished to be regulated, but so far have bot told that wij cannot be.”

Ter other news, the Handelsbank for International Settlements (BIS) is warning central banks about launching their own digital currencies, Reuters reported. “There are risks wij do not fully understand at this point,” Jacqueline Loh, chair of the BIS markets committee, said te a report. Members of the BIS include the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Canap.

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Ter television news, John Oliver explained bitcoin and crypto ter a 25-minute segment on “Last Week Tonight,” PC Tijdschrift reported. Oliver talent an introduction to bitcoin and the blockchain, along with a discussion on initial coin offerings (ICOs). Te the end, Oliver, along with guest Keegan-Michael Key, suggested that investors should only invest te crypto with money that they’re willing to lose.


  1. a loterijlot of bad news yesterday said that binance has bot hacked, but what I fear has bot answered. binance is back and I can access the webpagina.

  2. Binance is one of my favourites exchanges.. very effortless interface and there are alot of common currencies that it had united… and also my 30k usd worth ripple were stuck there .. good to see it back

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