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Binance is Launching Its Own Public Blockchain

Binance has determined to launch its own blockchain tailored specifically for the company’s digital currency exchange. The fresh Binance Chain will be a public chain designed to help Binance go from a company to a community. Most centralized cryptocurrency exchanges operate off-chain. Binance is no different. For this reason, they have had little se for blockchain up until now. Like most centralized exchanges, their transactions are lodged te order books stored on the company’s servers. Binance has its own coin (BNB) that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, but they only indeed use the Ethereum blockchain for customer deposits and withdrawals. This is about to switch has Binance enacts plans to launch a fresh decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

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Headquartered te Hong Kong, the Binance company has a toneel that supports overheen 280 different crypto tokens, which is part of the reason that the fledgling company has quickly become a powerhouse ter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Binance presently has a daily volume that averages $1.Five billion, making it one of the largest currency exchanges ter the world by volume. On March 13, the company talent a statement announcing that it plans to launch its own blockchain along with a series of applications to go along with it. The company plans on introducing a hybrid monster that is part centralized and part decentralized. Te the statement, their official statement, they wrote: “After extensively researching decentralized exchange frameworks and analyzing existing implementations, wij believe significant improvements can be made te providing Binance users with a level of trading practice to which they are already acquainted.” This suggests that Binance does not believe that the hybrid specimen they project to implement will affect the user practice te any negative way.

Zometeen te the statement the company acknowledges the motivating delegado behind their decision to develop their own blockchain:

“As a public blockchain, Binance Chain will mainly concentrate on the transfer and trading of blockchain assets, spil well spil provide fresh possibilities for the future flow of blockchain assets. Binance Chain will concentrate on spectacle, ease-of-use, and liquidity. Binance Coin (BNB) will be upgraded to exist on its own blockchain mainnet, becoming a native coin. At the same time, Binance will transition from being a company to a community.”

This fresh proefje will have a decentralized toneelpodium, which will operate alongside their existed podium ter a way that will complement the flamante verhoging while still acting independently from that toneelpodium. This will make it lighter for Binance to accommodate a broader range of cryptocurrency technologies and services. Because of this fresh blockchain solution, the company will be able to provide a service that is more user-friendly. The blockchain solution should also increase the potential of the company te the long-term.

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Decentralized currencies and currency exchanges are only going to proceed to expand with time because they have a level of convenience and security that centralized exchanged cannot rival with.

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Decentralized exchanges, also called DEX, are a toonbank to traditional exchange paradigms. With most cryptocurrency exchanges, traders have to trust their assets to a third party verhoging. This method engenders a lotsbestemming of criticism because it arguably defeats the purpose of having a decentralized currency. The third-party paradigm also leaves traders susceptible to cyber criminal hacks. DEXs, on the other palm, are platforms that permit their users to trade assets peer-to-peer without any intermediary. This solves the major problem tied to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

One of the thickest obstacles that DEXs face is interoperability. Most decentralizes exchange platforms can only accommodate assets on one common blockchain. This can create a low liquidity punt. Having elements of both centralized and decentralized exchanges will make liquidity less of a problem, and, te turn, this will make DEX more readily accessible to beginners.

Binance will essentially shift the Binance coin off of the Ethereum network and onto the Binance Chain. This will create the groundwork for a more blockchain-asset based exchange. The announcement did not expose details about the tech stack that will support the upcoming Binance DEX. Thus, it is unclear whether the exchange will integrate atomic interchanges, pegging, or any other mechanism that enables cross-chain trading. Still, the company’s announcement wasgoed met with instantaneous enthusiasm. The price of the BNB token soared twenty procent after the announcement very first klapper the press. This suggests that investors feel certain that the company will embark to facilitate cross-cain trading and want to be a part of this groundbreaking development.


  1. This is good news to all binance users. The pauze wasgoed causing some kleintje of puinhoop. Binance remains best!

  2. I could loom ter to Binance yesterday, when it wasgoed ‘down’ for maintenance. All it said wasgoed that trading wasgoed not available. But now, I can’t even get the pagina to fountain. Could it be that too many people are attempting to loom on at merienda? I hope that’s the reason, and nothing more sinister than that!

  3. Good news, i’m glad because of nep5 tokens on binance soon

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