Binance deposit not displaying up

Binance deposit not displaying up

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A .Netwerken wrapper for the Binance API spil described on Binance, including all features.

Binance.Netwerk is available on Nuget.

Two examples have bot provided, a console application providing the ondergrond interaction with the API wrapper, and a WPF application showcasing some more advanced use casus. Both can be found ter the Examples folder.

Begin using the API by including using Binance.Netwerk, te your usings. Binance.Nipt provides two clients to interact with the Binance API. The BinanceClient provides all surplus API calls. The BinanceSocketClient provides functions to interact with the Websockets provided by the Binance API. Both clients are disposable and spil such can be used te a using statement:

For most API methods Binance.Netwerk provides two versions, synchronized and async calls.

For private endpoints (trading, order history, account informatie etc) an API key and secret has to be provided. For this the SetApiCredentials method can be used ter both clients, or the credentials can be provided spil arguments:

Alternatively the credentials can be set spil default ter BinanceDefaults to provide them to all fresh clients.

API credentials can be managed at Make sure to enable the required permission for the right API calls.

All API requests will react with an BinanceApiResult object. This object contains whether the call wasgoed successful, the gegevens returned from the call and an error if the call wasn’t successful. Spil such, one should always check the Success flag when processing a response. For example:

If not successful the Error object will contain an error code and an error message spil to what went wrong. Error codes are divided ter Three categories. Any errors outside thesis categories are generated by Binance self.

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  • 5000 – 5999: input errors. There wasgoed a problem when validating the input for a method. Check the input and attempt again.
  • 6000 – 6999: returned errors. The server returned a service error. If this error is persistent check if Binance is online or has any status updates regarding connectivity. If this kwestie persists please open an Kwestie.
  • 7000 – 7999: output errors. The server returned gegevens, but wij wij’re incapable to successfully parse the response. If this error is persistent please open an Punt.

The BinanceClient provides an automatic retry for when the server comebacks error status codes, for example when a gateway timeout occurs or the service is temporarily unavailable. The amount of retries can be set te the client by setting the MaxRetry property. This can also be set to a default value by the SetDefaultRetries funtion ter BinanceDefaults. :

The default amount of retries is Two, setting it to 0 will disable the functionality.

The Binance.Nipt socket client provides several socket endpoint to which can be subsribed.

Public socket endpoints:

Private socket endpoints:

For the private endpoints a user stream has to be began on the Binance server. This can be done using the client.StartUserStream() instruction te the BinanceClient . This instruction will terugwedstrijd a listen key which can then be provided to the private socket subscriptions:

Unsubscribing from socket endpoints:

Public socket endpoints can be unsubscribed by using the client.UnsubscribeFromStream method te combination with the stream ID received from subscribing:

Private socket endpoints can be unsubscribed using the specific methods client.UnsubscribeFromAccountUpdateStream and client.UnsubscribeFromOrderUpdateStream .

Additionaly, all sockets can be closed with the UnsubscribeAllStreams method. Beware that when a client is disposed the sockets are automatically disposed. This means that if the code is no longer ter the using statement the eventhandler won’t fire anymore. To prevent this from happening make sure the code doesn’t leave the using statement or don’t use the socket client ter a using statement:

When no longer listening to private endpoints the client.StopUserStream method te BinanceClient should be used to signal the Binance server the stream can be closed.

For some private calls a timestamp has to be send to the Binance server. This timestamp te combination with the recvWindow parameter te the request will determine how long the request will be valid. If more than the recvWindow ter miliseconds has passed since the provided timestamp the request will be rejected.

While testing I found that my recinto laptop time wasgoed offset to the Binance server time, which made it reject all my requests. I added a fix for this te the Binance.Netwerk client which will automatically calibrate the timestamp to the Binance server time. This behaviour is turned off by default and can be turned on using the client.AutoTimeStamp property.

Binance.Nipt will by default loom warning and error messages. To switch the verbosity SetLogVerbosity can be called on a client. The default loom verbosity for all fresh clients can also be set using the SetDefaultLogVerbosity ter BinanceDefaults .

Binance.Televisiekanaal logging will default to logging to the Trace (Trace.WriteLine). This can be switched with the SetLogOutput method on clients. Alternatively a default output can be set ter the BinanceDefaults using the SetDefaultLogOutput method:

Version Two.1.Three – 9 nov

  • Added automatic configurable retry on server errors
  • Refactor on error comes back
  • Renamed ApiResult to BinanceApiResult

Version Two.1.Two – 31 okt

  • Added alot of code documentation
  • Puny cleanups and fix

Version Two.1.1 – 30 okt

Version Two.1.0 – 30 okt

  • Puny rename/refactor, BinanceSocketClient also use ApiResult now

Version Two.0.1 – 30 okt

  • Improved error messages/treating te BinanceClient
  • Toegevoegd unit tests for failing requests

Version Two.0.0 – 25 okt

  • Switched from static class to object orriented, added IDisposable interface to be able to use using statements
  • Split websocket and restapi functionality ter BinanceClient and BinanceSocketClient
  • Added method to set loom output writer
  • Added abitlity to set defaults for fresh clients
  • Motionless unit tests for fresh setup
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.1.Two – 25 okt

  • Added UnsubscribeAllStreams method

Version 1.1.1 – 20 okt

Version 1.1.0 – 20 okt

  • Updated withdrawal/deposit functionality according to API switches
  • Cleaned up BinanceClient a bit

Version 1.0.9 – Nineteen okt

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  1. Binance is working fine now… Until yesterday, I did not know that binance also has an IOS app… have it tested and works ideally, like the app from bitstamp!! does anyone toebijten to know if there are such apps for bittrex and poloniex too?

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