Binance CEO Says Bitcoin’s Latest Dip is a Blip on the Radar

Podcasts play an integral role ter the world of cryptocurrency. During a latest Crypto 101 podcast, an vraaggesprek wasgoed conducted with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Given the exchange’s popularity, this request for Zhao’s opinion has soared. During this particular podcast, wij learn a bit more about how he got into cryptocurrency and why the Binance exchange wasgoed launched.

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The Story of Changpeng Zhao

While most people know Zhao spil the CEO of Binance , it is effortless to overlook everything else about him. Similar to most company CEOs, there is a very good reason why he ended up running a cryptocurrency exchange. After spending his youth traveling from country to country, he knows the issues of dealing with money on a general poot. It is thesis fights which influenced Zhao’s decision to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. He explains :

“It is the third attempt at running a cryptocurrency exchange. After being introduced to Bitcoin ter 2013, I wished to run a cryptocurrency exchange, but everything wasgoed too fresh to make it toebijten. After leaving OKCoin ter , the project surfaced again, but the market wasn’t big enough. Poloniex already wasgoed a big name back then. Te , wij eventually ended up launching Binance.”

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Even so, running a cryptocurrency exchange is not effortless. Zhao ran a technology startup providing services to other exchanges for two and a half years prior to launching his own podium. It is this skill which took Binance from an ICO to a working toneel ter just twelve days. A remarkable feat of strength, spil it would not be possible to do so under corriente circumstances.

The Binance Coin and Bitcoin Success Story

Exchanges don’t always kwestie their own native token, yet the Binance verhoging did. Known spil Binance Coin , it has quickly become one of the top digital assets on the market. This is partially due to the success of the trading podium itself. The future of this currency looks bright, albeit Zhao isn’t too worried about it. He explains it spil goes after:

“I typically commence my day by waking up and checking my cell phone for any significant messages. I don’t check the Binance Coin price anymore. I can go weeks without checking the BNB price. If you were to ask mij its price right now, I couldn’t tell you.”

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The future will be interesting for cryptocurrencies and Binance, according to Zhao. His latest business meetings required far fewer educational efforts, spil most regulators are aware of the developments ter this nascent industry. When looking at the current market and prices, Zhao admits he holds a long view on Bitcoin and other currencies. This druppel will not be noticeable te a few years from now, spil the Bitcoin price will most likely be ‘much higher”.


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