Ten Smartphone Apps to Boost Your Budget, Private Finance, US News

By Cynthia Washicko, Staff Writer | July Ten, 2013, at Ten:58 a.m.

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Use your smartphone to manage your wallet.

Smartphones can do everything from help keep you on your diet to adjust the temperature of your huis while you’re away, so it’s not surprising that they can also assist you with your finances. Here’s a list of Ten apps that will help you take charge of your money.


(Courtesy of Mint.com)

This popular app collects all of your financial information and puts it ter one, easy-to-view place. “It’s reliable and it works quickly,” says Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Individual Finance. “It categorizes all my transactions automatically, lets mij know when I’ve overspent te a certain budget category and gives mij real-time updates on available specie and credit card debt.”

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(Courtesy of Expensify)

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Created to provide “expense reports that don’t suck,” according to the Expensify webstek, the Expensify app is geared toward business travelers looking to keep track of mileage, receipts and other expenses on the go. The app organizes expenses into categories set by the user, syncs credit and debit cards and generates eReciepts for purchases under $75.

Handelsbank apps

Many banks have their own mobile apps, Schrage says, and they make a handy implement for consumers. Thesis apps often include ways to transfer money inbetween accounts, pay bills and deposit checks on the go. “You can research your account history … and most [bankgebouw apps] are free,” he adds. Some also include branch and ATM locators for times when mobile functions aren’t enough.

The Coupons App

(Courtesy of The Coupons App)

Made for mobile couponers, this app includes a daily updated coupon database and a widget to produce daily deals directly to your phone. It also provides a barcode scanner to compare prices and permits users to simply showcase the coupon on their phone at the register. And for social savers, there’s a share option to text and email coupons to friends.

Store apps

Apps developed by specific stores such spil Target, Gap and Walgreens provide their own way to help you save. Thesis apps often display store deals and permit users to check inventories of the stores nearest to them. Some also include barcode scanners, in-store maps and savable lists to make your shopping tour more efficient, which can prevent impulse-spending.


(Courtesy of ReadyForZero)

ReadyForZero’s online component permits users to sync their debt information securely, create a project to pay off debt and track payment progress. The mobile app displays your payment progress and provides alerts to keep you on track. It also includes personalized advice to help save money and pay down debt swifter.

IOU – Debt Manager

(Courtesy of I Owe You)

One of many debt-management apps on the Android market, the IOU app tracks your debt and keeps tabs on what you’ve lent to others. And that doesn’t just include money – the app also permits users to input items they’ve lent to others and record due dates for when they need the items or funds returned.


(Courtesy of SigFig)

“SigFig is a good introductory investing app,” says Elizabeth Woyke, business and technology writer and SigFig user. The app puts all your investing account information te one place and provides advice to save money on hidden fees or bad investments – without making you wade through investing lingo.

Individual Haber

(Courtesy of Private Caudal)

“[Individual Renta] tracks your investments, flags high fees and investment risks and sends users weekly emails. But you can also verbinding your handelsbank and credit card accounts and use Private Haber to analyze your spending,” Woyke says. And if you have investment questions, the app can connect users with a registered investment adviser via phone, email, or, for iPhone users, FaceTime.


This app, which accompanies the Bloomberg webstek, tracks investments and provides financial news ter vivo time. “Usually apps concentrate on business/finance news or market gegevens or portfolio devices,” Woyke says. “Bloomberg does all three, is free and is kept reasonably up to date.” The app includes a Bloomberg Television component with movies on the largest stories.


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