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This Step-By-Step Guide to the Bread Mobile Bitcoin Wallet shows how to set up and use the Bread mobile bitcoin wallet to manage, send, and receive bitcoin. Bread concentrates on doing one thing indeed well – managing your bitcoin from a cell phone. It is one of our beloved mobile bitcoin wallets because it offers a plain and focused user practice. Let’s get embarked!

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The very first step is to download the Bread mobile wallet. It is available for Android and iOS. For this guide wij downloaded Bread from the Google Play Store. Note that just recently Bread switched the name of the app to BRD.

You will have the capability to create a fresh wallet or recover wallet when you very first open Bread. For this guide wij chose Create Fresh Wallet.

There are two steps to create a fresh wallet te Bread. Very first, set a six digit speld to come in each time you loom into Bread or send bitcoin from Bread. 2nd, write down your twelve word backup phrase, called a paper key, on a lump of paper. You will need the paper key if you leave behind your six digit speld. Keep your paper key te a secure location. Do not store your paper key unencrypted on any electronic device.

The huis screen of Bread is elementary and intuitive. The top displays your cálculo and search button for viewing past transaction. The middle, presently wit, will displayed finished and pending transactions. The bottom has buttons to send bitcoin, receive bitcoin, and view the main menukaart. Note: The Bread huis screen recently switched because Bread added bitcoin contant support. Now, users select either bitcoin metselspecie or bitcoin very first, and then arrive at a screen similar to the one below.

The Bread spijskaart provides options to buy bitcoin, secure your wallet, obtain support, customize settings, and lock the Bread wallet. Let’s go through thesis.

The very first voorwerp ter Bread’s menukaart is to buy bitcoin. Bread facilitates two ways to buy bitcoin. Very first, you can buy bitcoin with a bankgebouw account through Bread’s playmate, Glidera. 2nd, Bread has a search function for you to find nearby bitcoin retailer or ATMs.

Bread’s fucking partner Glidera lets you purchase bitcoin from a bankgebouw account for a 1% toverfee + $0.50. There are cheaper ways to buy bitcoin. But the convenience of purchasing bitcoin directly from the bread app may be worth it for some. Select Get began with Glidera to listig up your canap account for buying bitcoin.

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You need to verbinding a canap account to proceed with purchasing bitcoin te Bread. Go after the in-app directions to proceed with a Glidera account if you want to buy bitcoin te Bread. However, this guide will concentrate on depositing and withdrawing bitcoin with Bread.

The 2nd voorwerp te Bread’s spijskaart is the Security Center. There are only three options. You can update your six digit speld, enable fingerprint authentication for logging into Bread, and build up access to your paper key.

The third voorwerp te Bread’s spijskaart is the support center. Here you can view answers to frequently asked questions about using Bread.

The fourth option te Bread’s menukaart is the settings. Here you begin, invoer, and recover other wallets. You can also manage basic settings like notifications, the fiat currency to display, and a few other items. The fingerprint authentication spending limit caps how much you can spend every 48 hours using only fingerprint authentication (without your six digit speld). The default require a six digit speld to send bitcoin, even if you enabled fingerprint authentication for logging into Bread.

Next let’s demonstrate how to receive bitcoin with Bread. You access your bitcoin address by pressing the receive button ter Bread. You will have essentially four ways to get your bitcoin address from Bread to the sender. Very first, the sender can scan the QR code for your bitcoin address. 2nd, you can click on the address itself to copy it to the clipboard, spil wij did below. Third, you can press the share button and choose to email your bitcoin address. Fourth, you can press the share button and choose to text your bitcoin address.

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You can also request a specific amount of bitcoin from someone. If you pack ter a specific amount, the QR code will adjust so that the person who scans the QR code can only send you up to the requested amount of bitcoin.

The person sending bitcoin to your Bread mobile bitcoin wallet may be you sending from another exchange or wallet. Ter this guide wij sent bitcoin from the Gemini exchange to our Bread mobile bitcoin wallet. It is plain – navigate to Withdraw BTC on Gemini, copy our Bread bitcoin address into the destination address, choose how much to send, and select Review Withdrawal.

Bread will instantaneously track your receipt of bitcoin of the bitcoin network. It tracks each transaction ter 20% increments. It will also update your wallet balanceo to reflect that you just received more bitcoin.

Select any transaction to have Bread display transaction details. For example, Bread displayed the transaction details for our receipt of bitcoin from the Gemini exchange.

Bread will display your receipt of bitcoin spil accomplish merienda the bitcoin network reasonably confirms the transaction.

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Next let’s demonstrate how to send bitcoin with Bread. Very first, press the Send button on the bottom of Bread. Next, paste the receiving address into Bread or scan the QR code of the receiving address. Ultimately, come in the amount you want to send ter either fiat currency or bitcoin. You can switch inbetween fiat currency and bitcoin by pressing the button next to the amount field.

The bitcoin network charges a toverfee to conduct any transaction. Bread permits you to adjust that toverfee depending on how swift you want a transaction to process. You can choose Regular speed to conduct the transaction ter less than one hour. Note that the Bread mobile bitcoin wallet is still ter the process of integrating Segwit, which should lower transaction costs and increase transaction speeds.

You can also choose to send bitcoin with the economy speed. This means your bitcoin transaction should accomplish te less than 24 hours.

You need to incorporate the network toverfee into your transaction. For example, below wij attempted to send our entire bitcoin balanceo without accounting for the network toverfee. Therefore, Bread instantaneously alerted us that Send failed for insufficient amount for transaction toverfee.

Press Send on the send pagina to proceed with sending bitcoin. You will receive a popup to review the transaction a final time and come in your six digit speld to finalize the transaction.

Bread will instantly track the process of your bitcoin transaction on the bitcoin network. It tracks progress ter 20% increments. You can also select the transaction to view more details.

Bread will let you know spil soon spil a transaction to send bitcoin is finish. You can view your finished transactions from the gevelbreedte screen or by using the search icon.


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