Cryptocurrency Market Update: Binance Coin (BNB) Bucking the Trend, Sphere Social

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A vapid weekend te crypto land has not bot enough to entice the bulls back into the market. Monday morning is shaping up to be a crimson one spil the downward slide resumes. Total market cap is still falling back towards the yearly low six weeks ago. Bitcoin is lulling around the $6,500 mark and has lost 1.5% on the day and Ethereum’s little bounce on the SEC news last week wasgoed short-lived spil it also declined a similar amount to just below $500. Altcoins are getting succesnummer firmer with most of them ter the crimson at the time of writing. There is only one coin ter the green at the time of writing and that is Binance’s own crypto, BNB.

According to Coinmarketcap Binance Coin is trading up Three.9% on the day while every other altcoin te the top 40 is falling merienda again. BNB is presently trading at $16.80, up from $16.13 this time yesterday. Binance coin has had a strong week ter spite of the negative market sentiment climbing 17.5% from $14.30 this time last Monday. On the month BNB has performed solidly rising 35% from $12.40 this time last month. Against Bitcoin BNB has made Five.7% on the day to 261300 satoshis from 247000 sats this time yesterday. Weekly gains on BTC have bot around 23% from 212000 satoshis spil Bitcoin has continued to fall.

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Binance resumes to suggest promotions and airdrops for various tokens including its own which makes it a positive coin to invest te. Additionally trade fees can be halved by users trading with BNB instead of directly, this will also increase volume and value of this altcoin. Binance is permanently expanding with news that it will be suggesting fiat trading from Malta soon and another stir into Chaleco to tapkast the UK market keeping the exchange at the top of its spel.

Tether is the top traded pair with BNB at overheen 50% with BTC taking 38% and ETH Four.4%. Trade volume has enhanced from $88 million to $109 million te the past 24 hours and Binance Coin is the only one not getting hammered during Asian trade this morning. With a market cap of $1.9 billion BNB sits at 15th spot te the coin charts.

All gains ter the past Two months have bot wiped out with crypto markets falling back to early April lows. Total market capitalization presently sits at $276 billion, down just overheen 2% on the day, and 24 hour trade volume has remained at about $Ten billion. Overheen the week the markets have lost 8%, equating to $25 billion, and volume has halved. This could indicate a slowdown ter selling pressure or the bears could be gearing up for another rout spil most cryptos are consolidating at the uur. There are no altcoins making gains ter the top 50 but a few taking strenuous hits and those include Bytecoin down 6%, Lisk losing the same amount, and 0x falling 6.7%. Way down the list ReddCoin is doing better with an 11% build up and Mithril is up Five.2%, and with a McAfee shill, Docademic needs a mention spil MTC is pumping 27% at the uur.

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the Asian trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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  1. Right now they’re not compelled to share any gegevens with any government. Imagine an exchange from Japan sharing gegevens of Greek citizens having account with the greek government. Not very likely, right. Also some of them like Binance have no verifications if you withdraw daily up to Two BTC (or its omschrijving) so I don’t see many people withdrawing more daily.

  2. Recently I wasgoed already analyzing the situation with the cracking of the trading bot Binance, and here just fresh news wasgoed delivered.

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