Around a Dozen Airdrops are Coming to EOS Holders

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The coming months will be crucial for all cryptocurrencies. So far, the markets are not looking all that epic, with little to no improvements te look . At the same time, there is some good news for EOS holders. Various airdrops are coming to holders ter the next few weeks and months.

The EOS Airdrops are Coming

One of the unusual benefits of holding specific cryptocurrencies is how one can be entitled to an airdrop . This issuance of “free coins or tokens” usually affects the major cryptocurrencies. Ter the past, Bitcoin and Ethereum users have seen their fair share of such tokens appearing out of nowhere. It now seems EOS holders will go through a similar phase. Raising awareness for fresh blockchain projects requires a unique treatment.

Rather than raising money through an ICO, thesis projects are providing away value. It is a conscious decision which benefits all parties involved. EOS holders receive thesis tokens for titillating projects, and the project creators kwestie tokens to themselves spil well. Straks on, some of those tokens are sold across exchanges for extra project funding. It is a attempted and tested business proefje which usually works out pretty well.

Spil such, the EOS user coj√≠n will see a fair few fresh tokens make their way to the ecosystem. The list is growing steadily, with the very first airdrops to occur te the coming weeks. Chaince will be the very first project to do so, with 900 million of the Two billion tokens being airdropped on June 15th. Having an active “stake” te a fresh asset trading toneel for EOS projects will certainly appeal to some users.

The Value of Aidropped Tokens

One thing worth taking note of is how thesis EOS airdrops work. Most projects kwestie 1 token vanaf user ter exchange for every EOS te their portfolio. For “whales”, this means a loterijlot of free money will be heading their way te the coming weeks. All of thesis tokens will still need to achieve some form of monetary value on their own accord. That will not be effortless, albeit some of thesis airdrops are seemingly te a rather advanced stage of development.

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With almost a dozen airdrops on the horizon for EOS users, an interesting future lies ahead. It further confirms developers are building fresh products and services on top of this ecosystem. More competition is a good thing te this regard. Spil of right now, most people tend to concentrate on the Ethereum blockchain for such purposes. Additionally, NEO is also gaining some traction te this regard.

The big question is whether or not thesis airdrops bring extra value to EOS. The projects they represent seemingly are on the right track to success. However, they are all ter an unfinished state, and without initial excitement, their chances of success will diminish quickly. An interesting year lies ahead for EOS at this rate. Airdrops will proceed to be a big part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem moving forward.

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